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Paper presented at the Symposium “A New World: The Profession of Criticism in the Internet” / XXVII World Congress of IATC/AICT, in Beijing, October 2014.


Abstract: As a result to the profound and increasing difficulties on professional performing arts criticism, there has been an on-going migration to new media namely, specialized journals, magazines or books, and the Internet, where sites and blogs devoted to performing arts criticism are flourishing. There has been also an approach between the traditionally distinct areas of criticism, dramaturgy and creation. Practises such as embedded criticism, horizontal criticism or intercriticism have been placing critics and dramaturges in a more and more close position. All these changes have been altering the core function of performing arts criticism and its role on public sphere. In this paper, I aim to discuss the function of online criticism while presenting and evaluating the recent Portuguese online training seminar for performing arts critics Mais Crítica, sponsored by four Lisbon theatre venues.